Extinction is Forever

Our Volunteers

Every nonprofit, charity organization needs and depends on success through volunteers. S.O.L.O.is no different. It is our volunteers who labor diligently behind the scenes to get the word out; to help with e-mails; to do our accounting; to help in legal activities and much, more.

Below is our list of volunteers. We show their names as only one way of saying sincere thanks to help save these turtles. Our actual list of volunteers and contributors is now in the thousands, who are "There when we need them". We will add more shortly.

We will always need more help and assistances in so many ways. If you read this and want to join us to help, please send us an e-mail note.

Our volunteers are:

Andrea Mead
Bonnie McKenna
Liz Logan
Pam Miller

David Campbell,(MarineBio)
David Donnelly,(Aquarist)
Douglas Fenner,(Phd)
Fred Turoff
Kathy Cleaver

Graham Mead
Michael Cleaver
Norm Vexler
Mike Miller
Peggy Lehane

Rolla Cleaver
Shelia McIntyre
Tasha Briggs

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