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Almost Gone - THE book about the rapid loss of the Pacific Leatherback sea turtle and what needs to be done to save it. Get your copy today »

Almost Gone

S.O.L.O's founder, Larry McKenna, has written a book about his beloved leatherbacks. Almost Gone is a true account of the plight of the Pacific Leatherback sea turtle, Dermochelys coriacea; the world’s largest turtle and marine reptile.

This book is NOT Fiction!

In the Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago), there were reported to be about 100 million of these “Gentle Giants” in the oceans. Now, particularly over the past 20 to 25 years, Gillnet and Longline fishing and the barbaric killings and egg poaching of these turtles on their nesting beaches have reduced the Pacific Ocean female nesting populations to less than 600 individuals. These beautiful creatures are now critically endangered, which means they are facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future. They will be gone forever.

Larry presents a candid exposure of the threats along with a details of the long standing actions and inaction by of international organizations, government agencies, NGO’s and countries which, collectively, are driving these “Gentle Giants of the Pacific” toward a very rapid extinction.

There are some “Good Guys” and lots of “Bad Guys” revealed in the book. Greed, money, political lies, inactions, lack of law enforcement clash with serious efforts for conservation at almost every turn by those attempting to save Leatherback turtles. The killing of leatherbacks at sea continues unabated every day.



Advance Orders (with payment of $30 per copy, including US postage) are being accepted now for a 1st edition, autographed copy of the Sequel to "Almost Gone". The title is not placed yet. This new book will provide updates as to what has and is happening to the conservation activities and efforts over a six year period. As before there will be intrigue a-plenty included activities of a cadre of money and fame grabbing scoundrels continue their activities and divert donated moneys to personal uses and NOT to the beach activities. This new book will include a DVD (value $20) of recent original footage of the nesting Leatherbacks on a very remote beach with side bar clips.

All proceeds go, as before, to the non profit Foundation.

An order can be placed via Pay Pal as long as you add a message to specify the purpose of the Donation; which is 100% tax deductible. Visa and Master Cards are acceptable when you purchase through Pay Pal.---- OR just mail us your check.

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“Larry tells the situation about the existing misery of the unique Leatherback Turtles exactly as it is. Let’s help, each in our own way to support this cause. If you ever needed to click on a link – this one is IT! www.saveourleatherbacks.org... See for yourself what is going on… it is terrible, horrible and so sad.” - G.V. Phuket, Thailand.

Your book is GREAT! Just the right size to convey very useful information; but also speaks from the heart. - N.S, Jakarta, Indonesia

“You know he IS a hero to do this; just like Steve Irwin was with the crocs”. - M.F., Bangkok, Thailand.

“The Leatherback Turtle is the only surviving representative of the giant sea turtles from the age of dinosaurs. The overall thesis of the threat of extinction to these unique and impressive creatures is very real. The complex mesh of corruption, incompetence, conflicting interests, fraud, politics, bureaucracy and economics that is depicted is also all too real. This little book is strongly recommended for anyone with an interest in marine conservation.” - W.S., Townsville Australia.

“Almost Gone” will give even the most dedicated conservationist pause before they send their next check off to a major environmental organization (or before you order that next tuna or swordfish steak). Adventure film maker, Larry McKenna documents the imminent extinction of the Western Pacific Leatherback Turtle, while shedding light on the web of greed and apathy being spun by governmental agencies, private interests, and even one of the world’s largest environmental organizations. Using the western Pacific Ocean’s largest and most important Leatherback nesting beach as his backdrop, McKenna gives a 1st hand account of how human greed, global warming and a lack of accountability have conspired to deal some of the last remaining Leatherback Turtles their near final blow.” - A.M., Boulder, CO.

“If you are unaware of the Leatherback Turtles’ rapid decline, you should READ THIS BOOK. If you “think” you know all there is to know about Leatherback Turtles rapid decline, you need to READ THIS BOOK. Find out what is really happening with the Leatherback Turtle population decline and why this is happening. Find out what needs to be done to SAVE THESE GENTLE GIANTS before it is too late.” - R.T., Sugarland, Tx.

“Almost Gone” is the story of the Gentle Giants of the Sea; the world’s largest sea turtle; the Leatherback Turtle. The author went to see the world’s largest nesting beach for these turtles and found all was NOT as advertised or reported. This species is in a steep decline, with just a few years to extinction. Only quick and decisive action can save them. Read this book and get involved.” - D.F., PhD. American Samoa.

“Environmentalist Larry McKenna has written a stunning expose of the mass killing of the giant Leatherback Turtles. He has proved that these beautiful creatures will soon be extinct unless drastic measures are taken. Mr. McKenna offers some immediate corrective actions which must be taken to preserve the species. The facts of what are being done are horrific; his pictures of the turtles are heartbreaking. This book should be taken seriously by all who are concerned with the changing face of our earth.” - L.B., PhD, Rev., PhD., Westlake Village, Ca.

“I picked up your book at the fair. The book had left my eyes swollen from too much weeping.” - JoF, Singapore

Click here to buy the book Almost Gone or send an email to info@saveourleatherbacks.org or order direct by mail by sending a check made out to Save Our Leatherbacks Operation for USD $25 (which includes 1st class postage) to our address:

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